Submitting Papers:

All assignments will be submitted on the Course Website. You can be submit your work by filling the form at the bottom of the relevant assignment page. The assignment pages are under the “Assignments” drop-down menu (on the main menu bar).

In your filename, include the title of the assignment in the subject heading, and your last name. Please remember to put your name in the file name, otherwise I will have a hard time keeping track of all your papers. Also, remember to keep a copy of the paper saved for your records.

A paper’s grade will drop by one letter grade every day it is late. (An A, for example, will drop to a B on next day, then a C on the third day, etc.)

Formatting Papers:

Papers should be formatted according to MLA guidelines. Please look up these guidelines before submitting your papers. You can also see a sample MLA-formatted paper here, and an explanation of in-text citations here and here.

Important Due Dates:

  • Mon, 2.26 – working thesis and quotes for Close Reading Paper due

  • Thurs, 3.1 – draft of Close-Reading Paper due

  • Mon, 3.5 – Close-Reading Paper due

  • Thurs, 3.22 – Annotation Paper 1 due

  • Mon, 4.2 – Annotation Paper 2 due

  • Mon, 4.16 – Proposal for Research Paper due

  • Thurs, 4.19 – Outline for research paper due

  • Mon, 4.30 – Draft 1 of Research Paper due

  • Thurs, 5.10 – Draft 2 of Research Paper due

  • Mon, 5.14 – final Research Paper due